Debian QEMU images updated

Following the release of Debian Lenny, I have updated my set of Debian QEMU images. The following images are now available:

There is no Debian Lenny SPARC image available, as QEMU does not fully support SPARC64 yet, and Debian Lenny now only supports 64-bit kernels.

Note also that the README.txt files (which among other things contain the md5sums of the images) is now GPG signed. Read carefully these files as they contain details on how to use the images, and especially the minimum QEMU version to use.

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  • mirabilos says:

    Where’s kfreebsd-i386? ☺

  • Andrew Malcolmson says:

    Thanks for putting up these images. A Sid or Testing image every one in a while would be handy too.

    The README file recommends starting an image with ‘qemu-system-x86_64′. I believe this was an older program name and in current Qemu/kvm versions can be replaced with ‘qemu’ or ‘kvm’. Also ‘-hda’ is optional when only one disk image is used.


  • As usual you are helping me a lot in my cross-platform release task.
    Thanks a lot Aurelien!

  • Sergio says:

    Hi Aurelien,

    Thanks for the images, I have a question.
    I’ve been trying to install several os on my Debian Lenny + qemu+ kqemu + qemu-launcher, and always i’m experiencing the same problem.

    “Everything goes fine and quick, but in any moment the install window freeze, and nothing finish, I mean, yesterday was trying to install openSuse and the install freeze en almost 90%”

    What can be happening ?

    any help will be apreciated ;)



  • aurel32 says:

    Sergio, you should avoid using kqemu. While it runs the guest OS faster, it clearly introduce a lot of instability.

  • Nigel Horne says:

    I tried the debian_lenny_powerpc_small.qcow2 on the latest QEMU source (which works with other images), but I got this cryptic message:

    VNC server running on `::1:5900′

    QEMU then hung.

  • Ian Sealy says:

    Thanks very much for these images. Is it possible to also provide some info on how you created them? I recently tried to install Lenny on PowerPC, but couldn’t get very far (

  • Thank you *so* much for these images. It’s been a real pain trying to install just about *any* Linux distro on QEMU ppc/arm/mips for me, and these images really saved the day. :-D I’d be happy to mirror them (your connection seems to degrade every now and then), feel free to contact me about that if interested.

  • I am having a hard time with apt-get update and upgrade for the SPARC etch image. Is there a simple solution to convince it that gzip doesn’t fail and that the keys are okay after all?

  • michial says:

    your debian_lenny_i386_small.qcow2 is about 166M, while I tried to use qemu (qcow2 format) etc to install minimum debian system, it end up to be 600-800M. Any idea how to reduce the size?

  • gurrier says:


    Is there a howto page to demonstrate how you created these files?

    I am trying to run a mipsel port of gNewsense in qemu and am not having much luck.
    qemu will not start with the initrd and vmlinux that is used to install gNewsense on my Yeeloong mipsel netbook.



  • Could you please provide a PowerPC Squeeze image ?

  • Saurabh says:

    Thanks for the hard work. I need a ppc installation of kernel version less than or equal to 2.6.14 because I do not want udev. Do you have anything for it?

  • Saurabh says:

    Thanks for the hard work. I need a ppc installation of kernel version less than or equal to 2.6.14 because I do not want udev. Do you have anything for it?

  • Haynes says:


    I am not able to access the network from my guest debian after I installed.
    I remember the debian installer successfully configured itself to download all the packages from a debian mirror. But when I boot up the network is unreachable

    Please help

  • bart says:

    Thanks for the images! my schools pc’s seem to hate the debian installer, so i’ll try dd’ing your image to a usb drive (after converting to raw). and yes, we are allowed to install our own operating systems to school pc’s, we have individual removable harddrives for that…

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