On configure systems

I will never understand the point of using autotools, cmake or whatever configure system, when later the code uses an hardcoded list of architectures to determine the size of a pointer… Unfortunately for porters this pattern is quite common. Update: As people keep asking, the way to check for the size of a given type […]

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Debian QEMU images updated

Following the release of Debian Wheezy, I have (finally) updated my set of Debian QEMU images for both Squeeze (6.0.8) and Wheezy (7.3). The following images are now available: amd64 (Squeeze and Wheezy) armel (Squeeze and Wheezy) armhf (Wheezy) i386 (Squeeze and Wheezy) mips (Squeeze and Wheezy) mipsel (Squeeze and Wheezy) powerpc (Squeeze and Wheezy) […]

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Detecting code issues using multiple architectures

Sometimes building the same code on multiple architectures is useful to detect horrors like: ExEnv::err0() < < sprintf(“AtomInfo: invalid name: %s\n”,name.c_str()); This code builds using -Werror=format-security with only a few warnings on most architectures, while GCC is correctly detects the issue on some others. This has been reported as bug#728249.

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How multiarch adds new RC bugs…

# dpkg –add-architecture kfreebsd-amd64 # dpkg -i libc0.1-dev_2.13-32_kfreebsd-amd64.deb Selecting previously unselected package libc0.1-dev. (Reading database … 446113 files and directories currently installed.) Unpacking libc0.1-dev (from libc0.1-dev_2.13-32_kfreebsd-amd64.deb) … dpkg: error processing libc0.1-dev_2.13-32_kfreebsd-amd64.deb (–install): trying to overwrite ‘/usr/include/_G_config.h’, which is also in package libc6-dev 2.13-32 dpkg-deb: error: subprocess paste was killed by signal (Broken pipe) Errors were […]

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10 years ago…

Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 18:22:10 +0000 From: James Troup <> To: “Aurelien Jarno” <> Cc: Subject: New Debian maintainer Aurelien Jarno [ This is a long (automatically-generated) mail, but it contains important information, please read it all carefully. ] Dear Aurelien Jarno! An account has been created for you on developer-accessible machines with […]

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Performances of open-source Radeon driver

I am the happy owner of a new netbook with an AMD Fusion E-450 APU, which includes a Radeon graphics card. I am using the open-source driver on it, that is a 3.2-rc7 kernel for KMS, and xserver-xorg-video-radeon package from sid. I have to say I am not really happy about the performances. No I […]

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Debian s390x port (aka 31 bits is not enough)

During Debconf 11, I got access to a fast s390 machine, and I have started to work on a Debian s390x port, the 64-bit version of the s390 port. One of my goal was to help the SPARC64 port, as some of the issues are the same: both are 64-bit big-endian, don’t support unaligned access […]

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Debian and the ARM hype

Thanks to the versatility of the Linux kernel, Debian has always been known for supporting a large number of architectures. It has also often been criticized for that as it is said to slow down the development of Debian. Among these architectures, the ARM one was considered dead a few years ago, and some people […]

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bindv6only=1 and GNU/kFreeBSD

A few months ago the netbase package started to install the /etc/sysctl.d/bindv6only.conf file to switch the default bindv6only value from 0 to 1. A lot of people are not happy with this change, but it is not my goal to give my opinion here. On the other hand, people have propagated the rumour that it […]

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EGLIBC and PowerPCSPE port

This has been roughly one year since Debian switched from GLIBC to EGLIBC, so it’s probably the time to make a small report about this change. First of all, on the GLIBC upstream side, things has improved a bit since we now have regular stable release, thanks to Petr Baudis aka Pasky. The good point […]

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Debian SH4 QEMU image available

Thanks to the great work of Nobuhiro Iwamatsu and others, Debian has an unofficial SH4 port which is close to complete (> 90% of the packages built). In order to help developers to fix bugs on this architecture, I have produced an SH4 QEMU image which is available at the same location as my other […]

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Squeeze will be released with eglibc 2.11

Contrary to what lucas announced (I don’t know where he got this info), we plan to release Squeeze with eglibc 2.11. It is already packaged in experimental and is ready on all architectures except hppa where there are a few major regressions in the testsuite to fix. This is what prevent us to upload it […]

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Working on the eglibc package

In the last weeks, I stopped being motivated to work on the eglibc package, it’s not fun as it was before. Maintaining this package is taking a lot of my (free) time, and I am not anymore able to follow the bug rate, especially for RC bugs or bugs that I consider high priority. In […]

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Thought of the day

New features usually come with new versions. Before reporting a bug for a new feature, it may be a good idea to make sure you are using the latest version. apt-get can be really useful for that.

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Learning IA-64 assembly

While testing EGLIBC 2.10.1 on all Debian architectures, I have discovered that the testsuite on IA-64 fails for the new POSIX 2008 math tests. I have reported the problem both upstream and on, but without success. IA-64 being one of the last architecture (with HPPA) on which EGLIBC 2.10.1 fails to build from sources, […]

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Countries from where I have done a (E)GLIBC upload

If you want to see your country coloured on the map, you can invite me for my next holidays .

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New GPG key

pub 4096R/1DDD8C9B 2009-05-09 Key fingerprint = 7746 2642 A9EF 94FD 0F77 196D BA9C 7806 1DDD 8C9B uid Aurelien Jarno <> uid Aurelien Jarno <> uid Aurelien Jarno <> sub 4096R/C3FCA1A8 2009-05-09 I’ll get it signed by other Debian Developers tomorrow, during the Debian France meeting.

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Debian is switching to EGLIBC

I have just uploaded Embedded GLIBC (EGLIBC) into the archive (it is currently waiting in the NEW queue), which will soon replace the GNU C Library (GLIBC). The EGLIBC is a variant of the GLIBC which stays source and binary compatible with the original GLIBC. While primarily targeted for embedded architectures, it has some really […]

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Debian QEMU images updated

Following the release of Debian Lenny, I have updated my set of Debian QEMU images. The following images are now available: AMD64 (Etch and Lenny) ARM (Etch and Lenny) ARMEL (Lenny) i386 (Etch and Lenny) MIPS (Etch and Lenny) MIPSEL (Etch and Lenny) PowerPC (Etch and Lenny) SPARC (Etch) There is no Debian Lenny SPARC […]

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Faster wireless access

The hotel we are staying in for FOSDEM is providing an expensive wireless access limited to 15kB/s. For a faster access the solution is to use IP-over-DNS for a rate up to 48kB/s. Moreover it’s free…

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