Emulated versus paravirtualized build daemons

There has been a few flam^Wdiscussions about emulated build daemons, each time coming to the conclusion that we should not upload packages built on an emulated machine to the archive. However Debian has started to use at least one paravirtualized (Xen) build daemon, the i386 experimental one. The result is that one of the tests […]

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For a few weeks Laurent Vivier, Blue Swirl and myself have been working on getting QEMU PowerPC working correctly with recent distributions. QEMU used to rely on OpenHackWare for the OpenFirmware implementation on PowerPC. It is a very limited implementation (for example it as no Forth support), which is unable to boot most 2.6.x kernels […]

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IPsec, MTU & NAT

Dear lazyweb, I encounter MTU problems with an IPsec setup and NAT. Here is a simplified version of my setup: remote host < --- internet ---> (eth0) gateway (eth1) < — LAN As you may have guess, the gateway has only one public IP address and thus the hosts on the LAN are connected to […]

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MAC address strangeness

Today I upgraded my BIOS in the hope to solve various issues. When I rebooted the machine, it didn’t get an IP address through DHCP: the Ethernet MAC address has been changed by the BIOS upgrade. Now compare the old and the new Ethernet MAC addresses: old address: 0:1a:4d:60:72:e0 new address: e0:72:60:4d:1a:0 Time to laugh…

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ARM code of the day

ldmeqib r9!, {r1, r8, ip}^ ldclsl 3, cr14, [r4, #-364]! stmleda r1, {r0, r2, r6, r7, r9, sl, ip, lr}^ cmppl r6, #12582912 This program does not work, but it still has a meaning. Hint: Each instruction is 32-bit long, the total length is 128 bits.

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New ARM autobuilders

I am really upset by the way the ARM build daemons are managed. The packages are not uploaded regularly, with sometimes three days between two uploads. Well it should not be a problem, if packages that have failed to build due to some packages not uploaded fast enough (see for example python-gnome, or rkward) were […]

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Cheap MIPS/MIPSEL development machine

In addition to the ARM platform, it is now possible to emulate a MIPS (big endian) or MIPSEL (little endian) machine running Debian under QEMU. It could be used as a cheap MIPS/MIPSEL development machine to test your packages, provided that you have a not to slow i386, AMD64 or PowerPC computer. Running on an […]

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Experimental is not autobuilt (at least for glibc)

Martin, I can’t let you say that experimental is autobuilt. I have uploaded a few versions of the glibc to experimental in the last few months and only arm, hppa and alpha have tried to build them. Before the summer mips and mipsel also have tried to build the experimental glibc. And the last version […]

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Cheap ARM development machine

You want a cheap ARM development machine to test your packages? You can actually have one for free (both as in beer and as in speach ) provided that you have a not to slow i386, AMD64 or PowerPC computer. The solution is called QEMU, a generic and open source processor emulator which can emulate […]

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FOSDEM slides up

I gave a talk about Debian GNU/kFreeBSD at FOSDEM 2006. It tooks me time, but I finally have made the slides available.

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kfreebsd-amd64 build daemon

Yesterday I have setup a kfreebsd-amd64 (ie GNU/kFreeBSD on an amd64 CPU) build daemon. Its name is (all my machines are named related to electronics), and it has Sempron 2600+ CPU. As you can see on the photo, it is still missing a decent case. There are actually two machines on the the photo, […]

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GNU/kFreeBSD on

Thanks to Ingo Juergensmann, the kfreebsd-i386 architecture is now listed on That means that Debian developers can now easily check the state of their packages, and if they fail to build, to find why. The requirement to appear on was to use wanna-build and make its output available somewhere on the web. As […]

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Debian GNU/kFreeBSD developer accessible machine

The machine on the photo below is currently somewhere between France and Switzerland. It runs Debian GNU/kFreeBSD, and will be accessible to all Debian developers. Thanks to Gürkan Sengün, the ETH Zürich will host it.

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Debian GNU/kFreeBSD build daemon upgraded

I am running a build daemon for the Debian GNU/kFreeBSD port. It was a bit overloaded by the high number of packages to build since the CXX ABI transition has begun. I decided to use the old mainboard of my main computer to upgrade it from an AMD K6-2 500 to an Athlon XP 1800+. […]

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New mainboard and new CPU

I have just upgraded my main computer with a new motherboard and a new CPU. It now has and Athlon 64 3000+ CPU, it is a lot faster than my old Athlon XP 1800+. I have four SATA disks in a software RAID 5 array, and with my old mainboard the SATA controllers were on […]

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Strange keyboard

Sam has got a laptop with a very strange keyboard. Have a look: No, it’s not a DVORAK one. Actually he explained me he tried to convert the QWERTY keyboard into a DVORAK one, but some of the keys can not be swapped because of the trackpoint. And he is using it as a QWERTY […]

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Hardware problems

I have got two hardware problems today. First my UPS died, leaving my servers at home as well as my ADSL modem without any power. The bad thing is that I am not at home, but in Helsinki for Debconf 5, so I had to managed to get it replaced by simple wires, by phone. […]

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High server load

During the last few days, I experienced a high load on my server (sometimes up to 15). Each time it happens, I observed that apache was unable to serve pages. Restarting it regularly seemed to fix the problem. Yesterday, I started to investigate the problem. Actually it was “referer spam”. The stats of my blog […]

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Back on the Internet

My ADSL line was opened yesterday, so I am back on the Internet! Actually during the last two months, I still had an Internet connection, but only though a 56k modem, not really useable for maintaining Debian packages or for doing an “apt-get upgrade” on my machines (and a bit costly). I am in my […]

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My firewall

In my latest post (Switching to kernel 2.6), I spoke quickly about my firewall. In the comments, I was asked for information about it. So I decided to write a new post. My firewall is based on a micro-ATX PIII mainboard with an Intel Celeron 600. I know that it is too much for my […]

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