September, 2004

Switching to kernel 2.6 (part 2)

Yesterday I switched all of my machines but one to kernel 2.6. The last one to migrate is a SparcStation 4. It is a little bit complicated as the BIOS refuse to recognize my hard-drive since I changed it from a 2.1GB one to a 9.1GB. After an afternoon of tests, I decided to boot […]

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My firewall

In my latest post (Switching to kernel 2.6), I spoke quickly about my firewall. In the comments, I was asked for information about it. So I decided to write a new post. My firewall is based on a micro-ATX PIII mainboard with an Intel Celeron 600. I know that it is too much for my […]

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Switching to kernel 2.6

I decided to switch all my machines to kernel 2.6. I now consider the kernel 2.6 stable enough, at least for the use of my machines. Except for my workstation on which I like to add some patches, I am using Debian kernels for my other machines. Moreover some of them are very slow (a […]

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Finding a flat

On monday, I received a phone call to tell me that I am accepted at the Centre de Recherche Astronomique de Lyon to do a PhD. I will begin it the 1st of October. I am currently living at my parents’ house, which is located in Toulouse, so I have to find a flat very […]

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Fixing gcc-m68h1cx

Today, I spent all the day fixing gcc-m68hc1x. It is gcc built for cross-compiling to 68HC11 and 68HC12 microcontrollers. There was a strange bug: an ICE on 64-bit hosts. Actually the bug was there for a long time, but I had decided that the version currently in testing will be enough. However, yesterday a bug […]

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First post

With this first post, I hereby declare this weblog open!

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