January, 2009

Re: emulated buildds

Wouter, I really doubt that the decision of having a Xen build daemon has been taken in a team, and the fact is that it’s causing problems. The only goal of my post is to show we have double standards.

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Emulated versus paravirtualized build daemons

There has been a few flam^Wdiscussions about emulated build daemons, each time coming to the conclusion that we should not upload packages built on an emulated machine to the archive. However Debian has started to use at least one paravirtualized (Xen) build daemon, the i386 experimental one. The result is that one of the tests […]

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For a few weeks Laurent Vivier, Blue Swirl and myself have been working on getting QEMU PowerPC working correctly with recent distributions. QEMU used to rely on OpenHackWare for the OpenFirmware implementation on PowerPC. It is a very limited implementation (for example it as no Forth support), which is unable to boot most 2.6.x kernels […]

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