Experimental is not autobuilt (at least for glibc)

Martin, I can't let you say that experimental is autobuilt. I have uploaded a few versions of the glibc to experimental in the last few months and only arm, hppa and alpha have tried to build them. Before the summer mips and mipsel also have tried to build the experimental glibc. And the last version has not been tried on alpha, despite the fact it includes a fix and should now build correctly on this architecture.

Hopefully I have most Debian architectures at home, but alpha, m68k and ia64, so I can build the glibc on my own machines. For m68k and ia64, I can use debian.org machines. Concerning alpha, the debian porting machine, ie escher.debian.org, is locked down since the compromise about 4 months ago. And no answer to my mail to debian-admin... Hopefully a user kindly gave me an access on his machine, thanks. The glibc 2.5 is now building correctly on this machine, but I can't upload the package because I can't trust the machine. That really sucks.

What about removing alpha from the release architectures? After all, it fails to comply with the etch candidate release architecture criteria for months.

Update: Some build daemons had glibc in "weak-no-autobuild". Thanks Martin for fixing that.